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We are champions of Tulare's Business Climate and comitted to action and profitable outcomes. Creating a positive first point of contact for businesses, residents, and visitors...

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The Tulare Chamber Commerce exists to serve its members and citizens by advocating for, and engaging in, efforts to encourage economic opportunity and business prosperity...

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Nothing tells a better story than their people

Traci Stever

The resiliency of Tulare County agriculture makes this Valley and this County one of our most productive agricultural regions in the entire world. Tulare County ranked first the past two years in gross value of their agricultural crops, with 2014 showing over $8 billion in gross receipts. If you are looking for a place to connect with customers in agriculture, Tulare County is the place to be.

Tricia Stever Blattler Executive Director, Tulare County Farm Bureau
Alan Cortum

Since 1944, Valley Oak Credit Union has been rooted in the growth of Tulare County and the City of Tulare since 1994, by offering a variety of financial products and services to residents and businesses. But more importantly, Valley Oak aims to support Tulare's economy by being a locally-owned financial institution by the people of Tulare.

Alan Cortum Chief Executive Officer, Valley Oak Credit Union